Survey Questions to Students


Which department are you in?

-           Pure and Applied Chemistry

-           Computer and Information Sciences

-           Physics

-           Mathematics and Statistics

-           SIPBS

What year of study are you in?

-           First

-           Second

-           Third

-           Fourth

-           Fifth

Have you attended an alumni event hosted by your department in the past? An alumnus is a former student of Strathclyde, who has graduated.

-           Yes

-           No

If yes:

How did you find out about the event?

-           Student email

-           MyPlace

-           Social Media

-           Plasma screens in faculty buildings

-           Posters

-           Other (please comment)

How many attendees do you recall from the event(s) you attended?

-           >10

-           10-20

-           20-50

-           50+

If no:

Would you be interested in attending another event of this kind?

-           Yes

-           No

-           Maybe

What would encourage yourself to attend?

-           Certain company representatives attending

-           Opportunity to network with graduates

-           Course mates already going

-           Offering of refreshments

-           Other (please specify)

What kind of alumni event would you feel would most benefit you?

-           Speed-networking in groups

-           Presentations

-           Networking refreshments and stalls set up by alumni

-           Recruitment processes/advice

-           Other (please specify)

What is it you want to gain from alumni events?

-           Their career path

-           Company knowledge

-           Job prospects

-           Interview techniques

-           Networking/contacts

-           Other (please specify)

Co-ordinating and the planning of events holds a great addition to any CV and would further develop your teamwork skills and communications with professionals. This would be ahead of an event held for your department in the Consolidation and Development Week in January. Would you be interested in being part of a student committee for your department?

-           Yes

-           No

If you are interested, please provide us with your contact details so we can get in touch:

-           Name

-           Email

-           Availability on Wednesday afternoons yes/no