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Multiple choice questions with timing in some cases and 3 most important things of the lecture were incorporated in each class.


Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

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Dr Patricia Muñoz-Escalona




These types of activity focus on giving students immediate feedback on their understanding of the topic.

The initiative is designed to encourage students to participate in classes no matter the size of the class.

Multiple choice questions are provided and they need to raise their hand to provide the answer.

Also they need to answer a question about the 3 most important things of the lecture.


Positive impact for students:

Interacting in classes with their classmates and the lecturer. Building their confident to be exposed in public and providing immediate feedback.

Student’s feedback:

They found the questions displayed during and after the class useful to understand the topic.

Lessons Learnt

This activity is straightforward and is rewarding to see student's faces when their answers is right!


Encourage students to not be afraid on raising their hands to provide an answer.


The activity is scalable to large class size and it makes it more proactive especially in those lectures that are too theoretical!

Suggestions for Transferability

I recommend this type of activity in all the lectures as the idea is to promote and encourage the students to be exposed in public. (No clickers!). Also is a good way for student’s immediate feedback as they will know what is clear and not from the topic!




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