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MBA students received video feedback for their group and individual assignments


Department of Human Resource Management

Executive Dean of Strathclyde Business School

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Professor David Hillier




Assessment and Feedback has been a perennial problem at Strathclyde and alternative and creative solutions are required. Video feedback allows more detailed and subtle interaction with students and also allows the facilitator to go through the document onscreen while discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the assignment.


Feedback from students was universally positive. Feedback can be gathered by contacting the MBA office (Margaret English or Karen McMillan).

Lessons Learnt

Video feedback takes about 5-8 minutes and avoids using repetitive statements. Each feedback video is unique and distinctive. It is important to use a software package that allows simultaneous recording of screen and camera. I use Screenflow on the Mac.


Technology is simple and it is easy to upload to Myplace. Looking at yourself in the camera and speaking with flow takes a wee bit of practice but not a lot.


With group assignments, it is very effective and less so for individual assignments. Class size is clearly an issue.

Suggestions for Transferability

It is very good for lectures as well.


 Example feedback files can be provided by MBA Office.

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