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Class story-board to outline the teaching, assessment and feedback for a class from the start of a teaching block.


Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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Dr David Young




The class story-board idea came from the SPARK Course (Re)Design module. The story board provides students a detailed breakdown of how their class will run. Each lecture, tutorial, and lab is clearly shown by week of teaching along with assessment and feedback time lines. Learning objectives are also listed so students are clear from the outset what is expected.


Students reported finding the story-board useful for understanding the way the class would run week-by-week throughout the semester and especially liked knowing in advance when assignments should be completed and when feedback would be available. It was also helpful to staff in terms of making sure timelines were adhered to throughout the teaching block.


This requires being well prepared in advance of teaching a class and sticking to the timelines. 

Lessons Learnt

We would like this to be done for each class in our degree courses and it should be especially beneficial for adapting to the new academic timetable for 2016/17 to ensure all teaching, assessment and feedback is comfortably completed in the new time frame.


Example of a class story-board.

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