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MyPlace Rubrics were used to mark written technical report assignments in three separate large classes (4 separate assignments, over 120 students for each).


Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 

Faculty of Engineering

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Dr Barbara A. Keating




The implementation of this marking methodology was to enhance student feedback and assessment.

More detailed feedback was desired by students.

There was a need to improve the timescale for marking assignments and returning feedback to students in large classes.


Positive impact for students:

  • The marking criteria was clearly defined. More feedback was given to students. The assignment marking time was reduced.
  • Students were asked to evaluate this marking method and all comments received were positive.

Positive impact for staff:

  • Once set up, the rubric was very easy to use and speeded up assignment marking. The rubric can be reused or altered for future assignemts as required.

Lessons Learnt

Although there is a small time commitment in setting up the rubric, overall the time taken to mark a written assignment for a large class will be reduced.

Think carefully about the marking schedule in advance and also think carefully about the scale e.g. no introduction (0 marks), limited introduction (1 mark), comprehensive introduction (2 marks).


Defining the marking schedule.

Learning how to set up rubrics in Advanced Grading on Myplace.


No scalability issues.

Suggestions for Transferability

This method of marking will provide enhanced feedback to students in a variety of types of assignment submitted through MyPlace. At the same time it will enable assignments from large classes to be marked efficiently.


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