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MSc Project Management and Innovation (PMI) includes a number of industrial engagement activities integrated to the taught classes, e.g. a consultancy based class called Consulting in Practice (CiP) that provides students with an opportunity to work on a real client problem. There are also industrial visits, TIC engagement as well as a summer placement, with organisations such as Babcock, Honeywell, Thales and AFRC. 


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Dr Aylin Ates



The motivation for this activity comes from the highly practical focus of the MSc PMI programme. The programme offers an application-based learning experience which is supported by tackling real life problems as defined by industry. Therefore, the programme is designed around intensive team activity and industrial engagement.


PMI students had a visit to the Technology Innovation Centre and Weir Advanced Research Centre on 23rd February. The students had the chance to see complexities and best practices regarding managing global innovation projects. The student feedback has been very positive through emails and face to face feedback. Dr Steve Graham also said TIC is not only about Scotland and he welcomed this visit as an opportunity for internationalisation of the TIC. One student told Dr Aylin Ates that she would like to take this experience to her country Thailand for accelerating innovation. Weir Group also organised a practical session where they asked for students’ ideas for the best communication strategies to reach global Weir businesses to promote open innovation.

The summer placements are also perceived as a valuable opportunity by PMI students as the students wanted to get some work experience in Scotland before they go back to their own countries to take up full time employment.

Also, CiP class will include a guest speaker, who is a Senior Management Consultant based in London (ex-Accenture). 


Securing companies to provide placements, briefs for CiP class and acting as industrial guest speakers is proving to be very challenging. In order to make this process more efficient help from the University, TIC or Corporate Connections on a sustainable basis would be a very practical solution to the challenge. 


Currently, we offer four placements mainly based on personal contacts and networks. Scalability of this highly valuable approach to attract more students to our MSc programmes will require some central admin support. 

Suggestions for Transferability

I believe MSc programmes should be a transformational experience for students. They need to know more practical aspects, which will help them develop highly demanded skills and knowledge by industry. Consequently, the students can secure good jobs or achieve a career change. Therefore, transferability of the approach depends on finding companies to offer placements every year in a sustainable way. 

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